KAFMO’s Waddington/Harper Scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Donald Waddington and in memory of Dr. John Harper, two legends of the Penn State turf program. The scholarships are awarded to identify and recognize outstanding students who plan careers in sports turf management and to advance the student’s educational potential in the science of turfgrass management.


• Must be enrolled at an accredited college or university in an approved turfgrass program.
• Must have completed a substantial portion of the requirements needed for graduation.
• Must demonstrate an interest in sports turf management.
• Be willing to accept the scholarship in person at the Annual KAFMO Athletic Field Conference.

"Being a scholarship recipient has not only made me appreciate the generosity of KAFMO but also its drive to include folks from all levels of the turfgrass industry. As an emerging professional I am looking forward to my future with KAFMO and am hopeful to be involved in their endeavor to continue to educate others while strengthening the industry and enhancing membership."

Lisa A. Guinivan
Waddington/Harper Scholarship recipient in 2005 


• College transcript.
• Letter of recommendation from faculty.
• Statement detailing applicant’s interest in the field of sports turf management.

All application materials must be submitted by December 15.

Waddinton/Harper Scholarship Application Information

Waddington/Harper Scholarship Recipients

John Fox, Penn State
Ryan Radcliffe, Penn State
Matt Slingerland, Penn State

Logan Dunn, Delaware Valley College

Jeff Borger, Penn State
Preston Kreosovich, Penn State
Jeremy Menna, Penn State

L-R: Dr. Donald Waddinton, KAFMO President Dan Douglas and the late Dr. John Harper.

Tim Haverstick, Penn State
Shaun Mahonski, Penn State
Ben Polimer, Delaware Valley College
Jeremy Thomas, Penn State

Kristen Althouse, Penn State
Nathan Bickerstaff, Penn State
Aaron Fineberg, Penn State
Lisa Guinivan, Penn State

Andrew Lutz, Delaware Valley College
Jason Seal, Penn State
Kyle Slaton, Penn State

Ryan Hills, Penn State
Scott Laughman, Delaware Valley College
William Soles, Penn State

Andre Aymar, Penn State
Robert Galdieri, Delaware Valley College
Mitch Tracey, Penn State

Brandon Anderson, Penn State
Nick Gialloreto, Penn State

Dan Sidle, Penn State

Brandon Cable, Penn State
George Peters, Penn State
Charles Roman, Penn State

Cody Harvey, Penn State
Jonathan Olseski, Penn State
Travis Pitts, Delaware Valley College
Alexander Steinman, Penn State
Daniel Vater, Penn State

Julie Adamski, Penn State
Jacob Leadbetter, Penn State

Jeff Cuthbertson, Penn State
Jordan Gleim, Penn State
Mike Gurcsik

William Ellinger, Penn State
Ryan Hillert, Penn State
Evan Mascitti, Penn State
Kyle Patterson, Penn State

Thomas Goyne, Penn State

Devon Carroll, Penn State

Madison Mahute, Penn State
Jacob Rittenhouse, Horry Georgetown Technical College

Nicholas Chamberlin, Penn State
Phillip Mahr, Penn State
John Shupp, Penn State
Justin Taylor, Penn State

Kevin Johnson, Delaware Valley University
Ian Patterson, Penn State

Ben Rita, Penn State
Bryce Schaeffer, Penn State
Aaron Smith, Penn State

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